Located in the heart of Gion district, circled by sightseeing spot!

Directly next to the Yasaka shrine and Close by walk from Kennin-ji temple and Kiyomizu-dera temple.
Also 2 minutes by walk from Hanamikoji, if you want to enjoy Kyoto in the best way, It's the perfect hotel.
We warmly welcome everyone at Hotel Sunline Kyoto Gion Shijo.
contact: infokyoto@h-sunline.co.jp

Guarantee for the lowest price ◆(from 1st September 2015)

From  1st September of 2015, the price on our official website (this one) has been reviewed.
You can also make your reservation from other website.
But if you reserve through Hotel Sunline Kyoto Gion Shijo's official website, it would be the lowest price.

※※Conditions to find the lowest price※※
・Casually open reservation website and compare the different points.
・Compare for the same hotel, same days, same number of people, same room type.
・Check if options are similare for the same plan.
・Sometimes the price is the same on other reservation website.

◆WEB point service◆

Our WEB member points service follows the conditions written below. If you stayed in one of our hotel and made your reservation through our official website, you will gain some member points after your stay.

☆Where to use points?
Fukuoka ・・・ 「Hotel Sunline Fukuoka Hakataekimae」
Fukuoka ・・・ 「Hotel Sunline Fukuoka Ohori」
Kyoto    ・・・ 「Hotel Sunline Kyoto Gion Shijo」

☆How do you obtain points?
You can obtain 1% of the total price of your stay (taxe included). Points don't include tenth.
(Example ... If the amount is 4950\ (taxe included), you would obtain 49.5 points, but without tenth, you really gain 49 points.)
※In case of online booking, you obtain 1% of the total amount of your reservation (options included).
※The rate can differ from one plan to another.

☆When will you receive your points?
The day following your Check out at 00:00am.

☆How to use te points?

You can use them by cents (100\). You can use them when paying online.
(Example ... If you have 499 points, you can use 400 of them)

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